Description: Dryfruit Samosa, a juicy snack for customers who are searching for quick energy and are bored from monotonous diet. Our Dryfruit Samosa will definitely change their views towards the food. Dryfruit Samosa is easy to digest yet gives high satisfaction to those who are looking for quick energy. Homemade style contains homemade vegetables, and you will surely relish its authentic taste.


Ingredients:Oil, Vegetable Fat, Kismis, Kaju, Gram Flour, Fennel Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Tamarind, Spices & Condiments, Green Chiulli, Sugar, Salt.


Nutritional Value:

Net Wt: 200G

Energy: 514KCAL

Carbo: 60.4G

Sugar: 4.2G

Protein: 80.6G

Total Fat: 26.4G

Dryfruit Samosa

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